Hi, it’s me, Russell Johnston. Here are some things I’m currently working on:

  • The Rust programming language is a competitor to C and C++ with compile-time memory safety, an ML-like type system, and an excellent community.
  • Dejavu is a reimplementation of classic versions of Game Maker for fun and preservation. A previous attempt, built on LLVM, lives here.
  • Verse is a functional logic programming language by Epic Games designed for game scripting.

Here are some projects I’ve been involved with in the past:

  • Visual Studio C++. At Microsoft, I was on the team that handles IntelliSense (autocomplete, navigation, etc.).
  • Spice was my senior project at the University of Utah. It’s a C debugger that visualizes control flow and data structures across time.
  • SQLite Tracer is a profiling tool from my time as an intern at Microsoft.
  • ENIGMA is an open source game engine fusing Game Maker and C++.